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  • Prevalence: In 2012, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes.‚Äč
  • Approximately 1.25 million American children and adults have type 1 diabetes.
  • Undiagnosed: Of the 29.1 million, 21.0 million were diagnosed, and 8.1 million were undiagnosed.
  • Prevalence in Seniors: The percentage of Americans age 65 and older remains high, at 25.9%, or 11.8 million seniors (diagnosed and undiagnosed).
  • New Cases: The incidence of diabetes in 2012 was 1.7 million new diagnoses/year; in 2010 it was 1.9 million.

New programs! Puppy Raisers Needed!!

Individuals and groups can apply.

Once your property and living environment is approved, You will be assigned a puppy that is compatible with your living style - large or small. We will guide you with obedience training the puppy using the basic commands. Social venue trips with others is a great way to train together. As the puppy responds to more advanced commands then to evaluations and then on to task training with a Service Dog Trainer. A Graduation ceremony is the final treat with all those that have lent a hand in getting a puppy to adulthood and to assisting their person.

It is our volunteer trainers and puppy raisers who help keep our expenses much lower than other Service Dog providers, resulting in an achievable fundraising donation to raise. (This program is available currently to those local to our training facility).

We also have programs for groups to become puppy raisers. As an example, we have a church group, switching off weeks or months with the puppy as a community project. We also encourage businesses to puppy raise - who doesn't want to see a sweet puppy in your store or office? These make excellent locations for proper behavior training in meeting or ignoring strangers.


2017 "B was an angel despite a long (and early) car ride that morning, and he was patient through a meeting with my old soccer coach and going to lunch with some friends. He immediately went into a down stay and napped!

We're learning each other still, but it's amazing how far we've come in working together in such a short time. I am learning his quirks, and he is learning my habits. Most of my days are filled with online classes, but he is content to curl up next to me and sleep for however long I am planted somewhere. When we are out, he is amazing at ignoring distractions and listening to my cues. I feel as though I am beginning to see what he is thinking, and that's been really cool. He alerts very intensely to a behavior, and he did an amazing alert when I was becoming panicky while driving the other day. He rested his head on my shoulder and licked my face. This made me realize that I was escalating, and I was able to pull over and take my medicine in time to deflect the attack. "

2016 "Those of with Type 1 Diabetes I wanted to share something with you if you are considering a DAD (Diabetic Alert Dog), and of course everyone else too ! It's been almost a year since Coco Chanel has graduated as a "Suncoast Service Dog" DAD & the both of us are an incredible team well known in our area because of the TV & newspaper stories. BUT, I want you to think seriously about a DAD, here's why .... Before Coco I needed a GLUCAGON injection sometimes more than once a week because of my low blood sugars that were so low I was unconscious. Since I have had Coco I have only needed ONE!! She is simply the Best & has obviously saved my butt many times, even in the hospital when the nursing staff was ignoring what my level was & Coco let them know. Do your homework ... She's a small dog that can be picked up easily & carried & doesn't eat much & she does not take up a lot of room in the hospital."


"She is so happy to help and do tasks given. Recently, I had a four hour operation. I could not have asked for a more better team of dogs. I could not walk on my own for a while and was in bed for two weeks. Gabbana was so happy to complete her tasks. Things dropped from the bed and brought to me upon command; bringing items in which I pointed; alerting to my migraines, pressing the emergency button, etc.

Dolce, her sister, has taken on the task of signaling my husband when I call for him. She upon command, barks, and runs into the other rooms until she finds him and signals him to come since my voice is not strong. She doesn't stop barking and circling until he is at my side. (Dolce is not a SD she did not do well in public but has proved to be a great help to Gabbana and M at home)."

2014"We worked with Lorraine for a diabetic alert service dog. We found her to be professional and very knowledgeable. She worked with us until we felt comfortable, even helping with our cat, who was not having a dog in the house. The cat and Diabetic Alert Dog now live happily with each other.

A well trained service dog, which Suncoast Service Dogs provides, is a true blessing and improvement in quality of life."

2013 Client email: " Last fall a bowling friend mentioned that she was considering getting a rescue poodle. We wanted to see it, so went on the computer so search and see if we could find the one she was getting. We don't really remember what exactly we put in the search, but "Keeper" with Suncoast Service Dogs popped up. And our life as we knew it changed. Words can't describe how enriched our lives are with Keeper. Managing J=='s diabetes has become so much easier. Keeper alerts for lows and highs We quickly applied to have him. We started working with Lorraine Clark of Suncoast Service Dogs, hoping we would be approved. Lorraine was professional and very knowledgeable. We hadn't had a dog before, but Lorraine held our hand through the whole process. "