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<<<--------------------------------------Congratulations CB and Titan! Titan- Australian Shepherd- Trained for PTSD, and balance mobility. Sweet and gentle - sensitive to his person's needs. He enjoys horse therapy with his person.

Diabetic Alert Dog REX 

Graduated : but please leave a message on the contact page if you are interested in a dog like him. 20 lbs of a Beautiful Pedigree Papered Cocker Spaniel. His first night with his little person he alerted Mom to a failed insulin pump and a high sugar. He will alert by pawing and then summon help with a in home alert system. Pulled from Craig's List in very bad condition made healthy and trained .

<<<Sunny: Another great dog that has become a Emotional Support Dog for his person. He was to be a Service Dog but his person's health issues stalled training. ESA was the alternative. ESA's are not Service Dogs and do not have access by law to public venues but are allowed in all housing and air travel.​ 


ECHO - AN AMAZING DOG DOING GREAT THINGS FOR HIS PERSON -2019 UPDATE: "Hi Lorraine, Sorry I have not contacted you for so long. I have been having quite a bit of trouble with the MS which in turn has made me so tired. I have not been able to keep up with Facebook or email. I am on new medicine so things are looking up. Echo continues to do so well. He is such a comfort and sweetheart and big help around the house. I can’t believe it will be three years tomorrow that he came home with me. He still alerts for the diabetes and does his commands very well. I continue to get him to daycare at least once every two weeks. He loves it so much. Especially since I have not been able to go out for a very long time. He gets along very well with the dogs there. The staff take their dogs there and train them when they have time. When Echo hears them, or sees it, he runs right over there and does the commands with them. They say it really helps their dogs learn. He loves doing his commands and helping . "

Hope all is well with you. S and Echo

TANNER THE THERAPY DOG -OUT OF THE SHELTER-- Caviler King Charles/Cocker Mix. ADOPTED--- PROFESSIONAL'S THERAPY DOG IN PRACTICE. He lives with his person then goes to work with her. He was too friendly to be a service dog, he will be happy in getting all the wonderful attention and love he deserves He is not a service dog and does not have access to public venues.

KEEPER: D.A.D. Service Dog. He was donated and a Hybrid registered Aussie Poo - task trained to medical alerting - we love the non shedding small dogs for DAD's so much easier on their persons.

<<<<<< Watch Keeper on You tube for how our DADs alert. They are loving smart rescued dogs, companions and early warning systems. Because they are not puppies they can be ready and training faster.

Jewel a Cocker Spaniel from Craig's List, is now a ESA and helping with personal Therapy for a little girl who needed help in communicating with the world around her. Just seeing her eyes light up when meeting Jewel was breath taking - not a dry eye around. Jewel (can not go into pet restricted venues) but will help in Occupational Therapy sessions.

<< Onyx Pedigree Labrador PTSD and light Mobility helping her person in Florida. Watch her as a puppy working.

Gracie- Helping day and night her person have better days. A Seizure Support Dog that is now pre alerting and giving comfort to him as he wakes up. See For the great tasks of Seizure Support Gracie was trained to do. 

<<< STORM - D.A.D. and Light Mobility - One smart Labrador that set the bar high for all that follow - ALERTING and helping her person here in FL

In the collage below of dogs, 6 where rescued from our local shelter made healthy and trained.

Suncoast Service Dogs rescue department - Please Donate using the button on the Home page to continue to help get rescued dogs healthy and placed in great homes.* 101 Dogs 2021  got healthy and made it to INCREDIBLE great FIT homes.